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Your Vision Our Passion

Collections Hardwood Flooring is a 100% American made product. Created by a team of passionate artists, craftsman, and owners with goals of bringing unique customizable options into the hardwood flooring industry. Based out of San Francisco California, Collections Hardwood Flooring has created attractive high quality products inspired by nature.

Since our products are inspired from nature, we feel it is important to live life passionately by what we do. This is not only a reaction of who we are as individuals, but it is what Collections Hardwood Flooring strives to achieve as a company.

Collections Hardwood Flooring aims to bring a genuine passion for art into an industry that is always evolving. Our goal is to become a leader in the hardwood flooring industry by allowing more freedom and options to become available for what the customer envisions for their personal design. We want to provide outstanding quality products that have unique stories to them, reaching the depths of their passionate and thoughtful creation.


Collections Hardwood flooring offers planks ranging from 2 to12 feet long, where the next leading competitor only provides planks ranging from 2 to 10 feet in length. We are excited to provide longer planks for more options available to fulfill final designed spaces.

Gone with time and no longer existing is the scenario when planks use to be 2to 10 feet in length. Collections now provides up to 12 feet long planks.

Make your space appear how you want it to be. Made up with one of the best quality of wood, giving you the best color and promise of durability. Our enormous planks provides more options available to fulfill final designed spaces. While selecting the hardwood flooring most people disregard the width of the plank being used. The width of the plank adds to the aesthetic value and feel of the floor along with a luxury and lovable ambience.We at Collection Hardwood offer a wide range of plank widths ranging from 4 to 12 inches.

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As mentioned before, people generally disregard the width of the plank in use while selecting hardwood floors. The width of the plank is an important design feature that will determine how beautiful your floor turns out.

At Collection Hardwood Flooring we offer a spectrum of plank widths ranging from 4 to 12 inches. Planks with an appropriate width add to the aesthetic value and feel of your floor.

A floor made up of wide planks will have fewer seams, whereas a floor made with narrow planks will have more seams. Anything over the mark of 4 inches is considered as a wide plank in hardwood flooring.

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Our products are considered by NWFA standards to be 3/4” thick, but in fact they come out to a total of 21mm. thick. This results in 3mm thicker than our competition in overall thickness increased durability and sound insulation.

Our floors feature top-quality construction. With long length boards that range from a 4-6mm wear layer and feature 15mm of a multi-layered birch plywood core.

At Collections Hardwood Flooring we create the finest pre-finished wide-plank hardwood flooring to ensure you get the most beautiful floor. A Collections Hardwood Flooring specialist can help you find the perfect color for your home décor from over 60 colors of white oak stains.